Boone County Fire Protection District breaks ground on new station

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COLUMBIA — The Boone County Fire Protection District has broken ground this week on a new station.

Station 16 will be constructed on East Highway HH. The project was prompted due to high call volumes to the surrounding stations, specifically station 5 in Prathersville.

Most of the Boone County Fire stations are completely staffed by volunteers. These volunteers are often students at the University of Missouri and many have other jobs in order to support themselves.

Many of the volunteers stationed in Prathersville handle up to four or five calls a day. On top of their other responsibilities, this can be a massive source of stress.

According to Assistant Fire Chief Gale Blomenkamp, the project will be a “monumental help to the staff.”

The new station will cost roughly $1.3 million and will be built to the exact specifications of the existing station on Route E, station 13.

Fire officials are hopeful that station 16 will be completed and fully operational before the end of the year.