Boone County Sheriff's Department warns people about phone scam

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BOONE COUNTY - The Boone County Sheriff's Department has heard from around 30 people in Boone County who said a scam artist has called them, and that's just from the past week. 

Boone County Detective Tom O'Sullivan said this same scam artist has been calling people around Boone County since the beginning of summer, but they're still hearing from more and more people who said they've received the call too.

O'Sullivan said a man has been calling people pretending to be a law enforcement officer and claiming there is a warrant out for their arrest for missing jury duty. He then tells people they can get rid of the arrest warrant if they pay for it over the phone using their credit card information.

"This individual, I mean he could probably sit down and call a hundred people a day, and all it takes is for one or two of them to fall for it and he's had a profitable day," O'Sullivan said.

O'Sullivan said it's important for people to know that law enforcement officers would never contact somebody about an arrest warrant over the phone.

"That's not the way law enforcement works," O'Sullivan said. "We do not call people up on the phone and tell them they have warrants and then ask for their debit card or their credit card."

He said there's not much law enforcement agencies in the area can do to find the scammer because untraceable phones and other technology make it almost impossible. However, he said the best way to stop a scam like this is for people to just hang up when they get a call from someone they don't know asking for personal information.

"If somebody calls your house or calls you on your cell phone, and you don't know that person, chances are they are trying to rip you off or be an annoyance," O'Sullivan said.