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COLUMBIA -- Former University of Missouri quarterback Brad Smith was back in Columbia on Sunday to discuss how his faith has shaped his life.

Smith spoke and answered questions at Victory Christian Church in Columbia during the 10 a.m. worship service. He comes back to visit Victory at least once a year, usually in February or March.

"He always comes back to visit us," said Victory pastor Mark Putnam. "He is like family to us."

Smith started attending Victory when he was freshman at Missouri in 2002. He says the church's impact on him is equal to the impact football and the university have.

"The way I am treated here is representative of how Columbia and the Mizzou community treats me," Smith said.

Putnam said when Smith was new to Victory other members saw him as a celebrity.

"Many people thought it was great we had a football player here. That's how he was viewed. It didn't take long for all of us to view him as Brad the person," Putnam said. 

Smith's faith and the people of Victory have impacted Smith's life in so many ways. During his senior season after a loss against Texas, Smith felt really low. He said his faith 

"As the quarterback you take on a lot yourself and you feel that pressure," Smith said. "Having these people here (at Victory) and my family helped me realize I should push forward. We went on to a bowl that year and it has helped me reach where I am today."

Smith also met his wife Rosalyn at Victory.

"She was here at Mizzou working on her Ph.D. One day they both came to church," Putnam said. "They saw each other and there was instant chemistry."

Putnam hopes his annual visits inspire others.

"When he shares his story it gives hope to others who have been through tough times," Putnam said.