Burglaries Decrease Over Thanksgiving Week

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COLUMBIA - Police officials came out Thursday with a summary of burglaries during the Thanksgiving break in Columbia. CPD reported there were 24 residential burglaries between Nov. 16 and Nov. 27, 2012, the time when MU students were on Thanksgiving break. That number is down from last year when authorities received reports of 40 burglaries in Columbia.

Officer Latisha Stroer said, "After looking at the numbers from last year we decided to send out a press release with reminders on how to keep your home safe." 

CPD has sent out the news release over spring and winter breaks but never Thanksgiving. Stroer said during spring break there are about 20 burglaries and during the 5 week winter break there are about 70. With Thanksgiving on average higher, CPD decided to use the same reminders from the other breaks.

The burglaries happened across Columbia, but authorities did not separate student from non-student housing.

"The student population is throughout the city so it makes it a little more difficult," said Stroer.  "We have to monitor all areas of the city."

Stroer said there was a decrease in burglaries at large student housing complexes.