Business Owner Speaks about Scaring off Burglar

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COLE COUNTY - Tom's store was broken into at approximately 1 a.m. Thursday.  The store owner, Thomas McCormack, said he was sleeping in the store when heard glass shattering.

"I decided to stay here because I had my landscaping truck outside," said McCormack, "and about 1:20 in the morning I woke up to glass being shattered. I came out of my office and there was a perpetrator coming through my window."

McCormack also owns a landscaping business and he said his equipment is valuable.  He says he hasn't slept in his store since January when he first opened it, before he had an ADT security system installed in his store.

"I hit him with a box and threw a box at him because there really wasn't much I could do," said McCormack.

McCormack said he immediately called the police after he fought off the man who attempted to burglarize his store.  Cole County Sheriff's office arrested Zachary Cooper.

Cooper is being held in Cole County jail with charges of first degree burglary.