Cafe Berlin closes after break in

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COLUMBIA - A break in at popular downtown restaurant Cafe Berlin forced the restaurant to close Sunday, according to a Facebook post.

"We had a bad break-in last night and the restaurant hs been destroyed. This is serious," the post said.

The restaurant posted three pictures that showed the conditions of the restaurant and many customers have responded to this recent event.

Cafe Berlin's post says that they we'll keep everyone updated as they know more information.

The restaurant recently posted this message on Facebook following the break in post. 

"To those responsible for last night's destruction, for those grieving, angered, and scared by this action, and for those who already know what it's like to be targets of violence, we respond as we always have AS A COMMUNITY with LOVE, PERSEVERANCE and SOLIDARITY. This event has reminded us once again how important spaces of community organization and togetherness are and the work it takes to protect and maintain them. We will not be intimidated or discouraged. The outcry of support and care has filled us with love and motivation to continue to practice nurturance, creativity, and quick effective responses to hate and violence. Thank you to everyone who has offered support in all their forms: words, pizzas, tears, coffee, hugs, full trash bags and full hearts-WE LOVE AND APPRECIATE YOU!"

The restaurant announced Sunday afternoon that it plans to open for the 8 p.m. music festival as well as for brunch Monday morning.

To see more of Cafe Berlin's post visit link below.