Capitol City X5 Cheerleading

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JEFFERSON CITY - The Capitol City X5 Cheer Squad traveled to Orlando, Florida to cheer in the world competition this past weekend. While that may seem like a long trek for some, it's nothing new for one of the girls.

Cheerleader Alyssa Waller takes the train from St. Louis several times a week for cheer practice. Waller explains that she has been cheering since second grade and doesn't let the distance between her home and the gym get in the way.

Waller says the travel gets tiring, but her teammates are always there to keep pushing her. "I know these girls, that it means a lot to them, as much as it means to me, so being on this team isn't just for me, it's for them too. They're my family" said Waller. As long as she has her family, she will have a lot to keep cheering about.