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JEFFERSON CITY - Missouri lawmakers will be returning this week to Jefferson City for the annual veto session. At least two bills out of the fourteen that Governor Jay Nixon vetoed are expected to draw discussion from both parties in the House and Senate.

The two bills getting attention deal with health insurance and vehicle taxes. If two-thirds of the House and Senate vote to override Governor Nixon's vetoes, the bills will become law.

One would allow individuals, employers, or insurers to refuse to provide coverage for birth control or abortions if such procedures are at odds with their religious beliefs. Senator John Lamping, R-St. Louis County, sponsored the bill.

Another bill seeks to reverse a state Supreme Court ruling that struck down local taxes on vehicles bought out of state or from individuals. This bill would allow issuance of a temporary permit for 30 days after a purchase of a motor vehcile or trailer. Representative Ryan Silvey, R-Kansas City, sponsored the bill.

Missouri lawmakers will meet Tuesday to review various state policies and issues. The two-day veto session will begin Wednesday.