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COLUMBIA - The proposal for a new homeless shelter is being delayed.

The Columbia Alliance to Combat Homelessness said the decision comes after neighbors expressed concern with having a homeless shelter in the neighborhood.

CATCH board member Karla DeSpain previously told KOMU 8 News the alliance wants to make sure everyones' thoughts and opinions are taken into account before proceeding.

“We’re trying to get feedback from the neighborhood of their concerns and the things they might want to see included, so that we can be a good neighbor,” DeSpain said.

The new shelter was planned for Eighth Street.

However, one neighbor told KOMU 8 News, a couple weeks ago, she believes there could be a better spot for the building to be constructed.

“I personally think they need to find a spot that’s not around schools or family-oriented people that live there and do rehab or rehabilitation with some of these people,“ Geraldine Perkins said.

CATCH spokesman Tim Carson said the project is still expected to be completed but said he wants to answer neighbors' issues and concerns before the project is revisited.

Carson said the commission is also looking at, possible, other locations for the homeless shelter to be built.

This is the second time the project has been delayed.