Cats and Dogs

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COLUMBIA - The Central Missouri Humane Society (CMHS) will transport a litter of 14 dogs to the Humane Society of Kentucky Friday. CMHS received the litter on Tuesday from a Columbia resident. On Wednesday, CMHS recruited a volunteer to drive the animals halfway to Kentucky, where she will meet volunteers from the other shelter.

CMHS employees said the shelter is overloaded with cats and dogs and are unable to take care of the recently surrendered litter. At the moment, there are 95 cats in foster care for CMHS and 60 in-house. There are 47 dogs in the shelter, as well. According to foster and rescue officials, this is too many to handle. The crowding is a bad environment for disease control and breathing room.

The shelter is looking for donations from the public for future trips to Kentucky. CMHS employees said gas cards and crates are most helpful for transporting the animals.