Central Missouri Humane Develops Bull Run Program

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COLUMBIA - The Central Missouri Humane Society has newly developed its Bull Runs program. The humane society has been brainstorming plans for the program since last spring and formally approved in July, and now it's off and running.

Bull Runs is an adoption based program for "bully breeds". The definition of a "bully breed" depends on the specfic shelter. At this humane society, the breeds range from pit bulls, to rottweilers, german shepards and other dogs that are viewed as aggressive. 

"Pit bulls are not meant to be in homes with children" said Bill Mullins a former Columbia resident. This negative stigma of these "bully breeds" are the exact ideas that the humane society is trying to break. 

"Regardless of the breed the behavior issues deal with the specific dog based on how their previous owners trained them," said Katie Steckel, the Bull Runs lead. The program is dedicated to breaking down these negative connotations with these dog breeds by having an extensive adoption program. 

No matter how the dogs come in wether stray, owner relinquish, or animal control, the dogs first have to undergo a behavior evaluation. Once that is completed and if the dog is over six months of age, the dog will go through a foster care for further behavior development. The final step is for the dog to be put up for adoption. 

Steckel feels that people who think "bully breeds" are aggressive dogs have just met the wrong dogs. "I think these people need to be educated and they need to see examples of these great dogs in these breeds," said Steckel. 

Regardless of the opinion of people for or against "bully breeds," the humane society has seen a large interest in adoption of these animals.