City asks residents to properly dispose of leaves

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COLUMBIA - The Columbia Public Works Department is asking residents to properly dispose of their leaves, and not rake and blow them in the streets or near sewer drains.

Public Works Stormwater Educator Mike Heimos said the department is asking all Columbia residents to properly bag up their leaves to avoid potential safety and sewage issues.

"Whether it's leaf debris or grass clippings, all can be put in the black trash bags provided by the Public Work's Solid Waste Department," Heimos said. Heimos said leaves can block the storm drain and cause freezing on parts of the road.

Heimos says the department receives multiple calls around this time of year regarding leaf disposal on residential streets and subdivisions. However, the department does not provide any type of leave disposal service to residents.

Heimos says it is up to residents or the property owner to properly bag up any leaf or yard debris. He says residents can set their lawn debris bags out with the their trash to be picked up.

For more information on how to get your black trash bags from the city, you can visit the Public Works Department website.