City Council passes new budget for next fiscal year

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COLUMBIA - The Columbia City Council passed a new budget for the 2015 fiscal year at Monday night's meeting.

The budget cut spending to some programs, but also sees funding increases and changes to existing programs.

Council members also passed a motion to continue a trash bag voucher program at a reduced rate. The city council voted to reduce the program to offer 50 trash bags per person rather than 75. This mean 25 bags will be handed out 2 times this year instead of 3.

Also, the council members passed motions to increase the city's sewer connection fee from $800 to $1,200.

The city council also voted to maintain funding for Columbia Access Television. They voted 5-2 to provide the local public access station with $100,000 of funding.

Members approved a total of $428 million in spending for the budget in the next fiscal year.

The new budget will take effect October 1st, 2014.