City of Columbia recognized by a national aviation group

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COLUMBIA- The City of Columbia was recognized Thursday by a national aviation alliance group for its airport operations. 

Mayor Bob McDavid proclaimed May as Columbia's "General Aviation Appreciation Month."

General aviation airports support an economic impact of more than $857 million. 

Aviation can be classified in two categories, general aviation and commercial aviation. General aviation could be corporate aviation or individuals owning an aircraft, while commercial aviation, which includes ticketed passengers flying on an airline.

Despite things going well with general aviation, commercial aviation in Columbia has had some issues. 

"I would hope that the airport gets enough traffic that it really merits an upgrade on runways and services," Columbia resident Jack Shultz said. 

Columbia Regional Airport infrastructure is approaching 50-years-old. 

Columbia airport manager Don Elliot said, "As we move along with future projects, the projects are updated to todays standards, we will lengthen our crosswind runway, make it wider, longer, and be able to support heavier aircrafts.

One of the runway projects is slated to begin this weekend.