Civil War Reenactors Practice for July 4th

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JEFFERSON CITY - A group of Jefferson City resident met Friday to prepare for a special reenactment to celebrate the 4th of July in in a more historic way.  Mark Rehagen co-founded "Civil Conversations," a civil war reenactment, casting himself to play Abraham Lincoln.

The reenactment is a conversation between President Lincoln and Ulysses S. Grant and some prominent Jefferson City figures on the 1800's.  Some of the other reenactors are Mark Shreiber as a prison warden, Jim Rhodes as a police chief, and Chuck Lahmeyer as a wealthy German business owner.

Grant and Lincoln are the only two well known characters, but according to Lahmeyer, Jefferson City residents would be familar with the other characters. 

Rehagen, 6 feet tall with a long shaggy gray beard, said he shares a lot of similar characteristics with the former president.  Rehagen performs as Lincoln at different events all over the country. 

The performance will take place at the Lewis and Clark Memorial at 1:00 p.m. Monday, and will last 15 minutes.

Civil Conversations is an idea to spark civil war talk with Jefferson City residents, and it is a group that is hoping to expand. If you are interested in joining the group, call Mark Rehagen at (573) 681-6350.