Clydesdale Breeding Facility Opens For Tours

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COOPER COUNTY - The ranch where Anheuser-Busch breeds and raises its iconic Clydesdale horses reopens for tours Sunday.

Warm Springs Ranch in Cooper County will open to the public for tours at 10 a.m.  The ranch is home to more than 100 Clydesdale horses.

Anheuser-Busch expects between 35-40 foals this breeding season.  The foaling season begins in February and continues until June.

The ranch has eight staff members, four of whom are tour guides, meaning there are just four people in charge of these 100 horses.

The gestation period for Clydesdales is 340 days, or 11 months.  The staff at the ranch monitors the pregnant horses closely and inserts a device that triggers an alarm when the horse begins labor. 

Foals must meet specific requirements to join the teams of Clydesdales that pull the Budweiser wagons in parades and other events.  The horse must meet height and weight requirements, have a bay colored coat, white on its face, four white feet, and a black mane and tail.  To ensure the best chance for these horses to be bred, breeders at the ranch match horses that are most likely to produce such offspring.  Horses that do not meet these requirements will not be allowed to be show horses.  They are instead sold in Clydesdale auctions. 

Last year the farm welcomed more than 11,000 visitors.  For more information on these tours, click here.