CMHS Tarwater

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COLUMBIA - Tammy Tarwater took it upon herself to take a litter of puppies to Kentucky. After hearing the Central Missouri Humane Society (CMHS) didn't have room for the dogs, she stepped up and drove the dogs to the Humane Society of Louisville. "When I saw it come up on Facebook that they needed to take the dogs to Kentucky, and I was already going there this weekend, I felt like it was a sign from above that I needed to tell them I was going," Tarwater said. This deed is especially appreciated by the CMHS staff because of the issues they have been facing the last few months.

As of September, KOMU 8 reported the shelter faced growing funding issues, working on a much lower budget than normal. Then in October, KOMU 8 reported the shelter's Executive Director resigned, causing major challenges for the staff. Finally in November, KOMU 8 reported the shelter was overwhelmed with an especially large litter of dogs.

Staff members said they are working on a deficit. On top of that, more people are relinquishing animals because they can't afford to have pets anymore. "This causes an additional strain on the shelter," CMHS Operations Manager Joseph Caputo said.

As always CMHS welcomes volunteer work and donations are appreciated. But, during times like these, the staff welcomes the work of Tammy Tarwater. "We could use a hundred Tammy's to relieve the pressures at the shelter," Caputo said.