CMU Honors Former Coach

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BOONVILLE - Central Methodist University honored former coach and athletic director Dr. James Luetjen Friday morning.

The 24th annual Luetjen Tournament was held at Hail Ridge Golf Course in Boonville.

More than 130 players, many of whom know Luetjen from his time at CMU, and 70 sponsors contributed to the tournament. 

"Part of it is playing and seeing the guys and gals that you used to have when you were at school, in class and coaching," Luetjen said. "That's a real thrill for me."

Luejen said his time at CMU was the best of his life when it came to work. He spent 27 years at CMU before retiring in 1992. 

The golf tournament was not the only event that Luetjen and his friends enjoyed during the week. A former basketball player under Luetjen had a barbecue at his home on Thursday night that Luetjen attended with his family and friends.

"The barbecue the night before is Christmas Eve and today is Christmas for him in July," Larry Luetjen, James' oldest son, said.

CMU also has a scholarship in Dr. Luetjen's honor for the junior or senior athlete with the highest GPA.