Cole County Burglaries Still Under Investigation

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WARDSVILLE - With the holidays approaching, the Cole County Sheriff's Department says it is important to be more cautious than usual because more burglaries tend to be reported during this time.

Cole County has had a series of burglaries in the Wardsville area, specifically in the Grande Highland Estates subdivision.

Captain John Wheeler of the Cole County Sheriff's Department says this is the time for crime of opportunity. He says it is important to be aware of what is going on around you in your neighborhood and even when you are out shopping and performing daily activities.

"If you are walking out to your vehicle and something doesn't seem right because of somebody standing by your vehicle, don't go out to your vehicle," Wheeler said. "I guarantee you law enforcement would rather walk you out to your vehicle or drive through a parking lot while you walk to your vehicle than to come out and take a report." 

Wheeler says motion-sensitive exterior lights are helpful for the outside of the house. He also says it is important for residents within neighborhoods to look out for one another.

While the Grande Highland Estates does not have a Neighborhood Watch Program in place, residents say they may consider it in the future.

"Every community could benefit from a neighborhood watch program because it is having your neighbor watch out for you when you are not there or your neighbor watching out for you when you are there," said Wheeler.

The two burglaries in the Grande Highland Estates neighborhood during October are still under investigation.