Cole County contractor indicted for \"stealing by deceit\"

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COLE COUNTY - The Cole County Grand Jury indicted a contractor Friday for taking money and not completing construction jobs in at least eight cases.

Kenneth Scott Jinson faces felony charges for unlawful merchandising practices and stealing by deceit. 

The Missouri Attorney General's Office said Jinson stole more than $22,000 from four customers. 

When KOMU 8 News tried to talk to Jinson, his family requested privacy and would not comment. 

The Mid-Missouri Better Business Bureau, or BBB, said customers file more complaints for construction and home improvement fraud than almost any other industry. The only industry to have more complaints filed are cable and satellite contractors. 

Mid-Missouri Regional Director Sean Spence said, "It is very easy to execute construction fraud because really all you have to do is throw on a tool belt, go knock on a bunch of doors, and if you offer your services, fraudulent or real to enough people, then enough of them are going to say yes."

Spence said when enough complaints come in about a certain construction fraud, the BBB informs the public through its website. The BBB also shares any concerning complaints with local law enforcement.

"We are able to share those details with law enforcement at all levels and hopefully play a pretty significant role in stopping those scams," Spence said. "And we do, we do that pretty much on a weekly basis."

The BBB and Missouri Attorney General said any customers who believe they have been a victim of Jinson should contact the Attorney General's Office through the Consumer Protection Division Complaint Hotline at 1-800-392-8222 or file a complaint online