Columbia brainstorms new transportation projects

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COLUMBIA - The Bicycle and Pedestrian Commission met Wednesday night to talk about the grant application process for new projects it wants to bring to Columbia. 

If the application is approved, the grant would come from the federally funded Transportation Alternatives Program known as "TAP."'

Wednesday's meeting was the first of many meetings, and it focused on the basic criteria any project must have for TAP to consider it. If TAP approves a project Columbia applies for, it will fund 80 percent of the project. The rest of the money would need to come from local sources.

Applications are due by Oct. 31 and the commission said it plans to have a public input meeting once it has more information gathered on possible projects around Sept. 13. 

The commission said it is considering projects that cost more than a couple hundred thousand dollars.

Sept. 3 is the next meeting. The commission will present proposed projects to the city council no later than Oct. 20.