Columbia Businesses Deal with Snow

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COLUMBIA - In light of the recent snow storms, Columbia businesses are doing what they can to accommodate employees, customers, and travelers.

Some local businesses either closed completely or opened late the day of the storms, or the day after. The Heidelberg restaurant in downtown Columbia closed early during the first storm, which hit February 21, and opened later, for dinner, the night of the second storm, which hit February 26. Ragtag Cinema also closed Feb. 21, and reopened the day after, offering specials for those who braved the weather to come see films. Shakespeare's Pizza closed Feb. 26 when the second storm hit.

In order to let their customers know about the closings, all businesses mentioned here used social media or their websites. Shakespeare's sent out a tweet the 26th saying, "All three locations closed today. Everyone stay home and be safe." They also posted on their Facebook page to let their fans know the locations had closed. RagTag also posted on its Facebook page and website, while the Heidelberg used its Facebook page.

Shakespeare's main concern was for its employees. Manager Toby Epstein says Shakespeare's made sure to contact every employee once they decided to close this Tuesday in anticipation of the storm.

"It's always kinda fun trying to get a hold of everybody once we decide that we're not going to be open," Epstein said. "We have kind of a phone list of people that we go through to let them all know that we're going to be closed for that day."

All three businesses agreed on one aspect of the snow storms--it definitely slowed down business. Operations director Cory McCarter at RagTag Cinema said some events were low in attendance.

"It's been slow this week too unfortunately. We had some special events that were kind of, disappointingly attended. But hopefully it won't affect True/False too much," McCarter said.

Manager Rusty Walls at the Heidelberg summed up his opinion of the storms in a single sentence.

"Two snow storms in a week, that's kinda annoying for business," said Walls.