Columbia City Council approves proposed Douglass Park renovations

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COLUMBIA - The Columbia City Council unanimously approved proposed renovations to Douglass Park at its meeting Monday night.

The proposed improvements are a part of a plan already approved by the council in 2013.

The main improvements include two new shelters, one of which would replace a current one; new playground equipment; and a lighted skate park. 

"This is an important thing for citizens to support, because when you look at a sense of community, we're only as strong as all of us," Columbia Parks and Recreation director Mike Griggs said. "You just can't concentrate your park resources on the big've got to look at all of the parks and all of the city."

The budget for this project is expected to be $225,000. It will be funded by a park sales tax re-approved in 2015 for the next six years.

A batting cage, improved walkways, and horseshoe pits are also a part of the proposed upgrades. The city is expected to begin improvements this spring and finish them by this fall.