Columbia City Council to Vote on New Bus Service Design Plan

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COLUMBIA - Columbia City Council will vote on a new bus service design plan Monday that could transform Columbia's transportation services. If approved, the plan would create new service hours, locations and new decentralized routes.

The new design would get rid of the current "hub-and-spoke" system currently in place. Right now buses operate out of Wabash station in downtown Columbia and run 40 minute routes around the city.

 Columbia Transit wants to replace the current system with shorter neighborhood routes connected by two larger core connector routes running more frequently through the city.

If implemented, the new system would be slowly rolled out in the summer of 2014, with plans to be fully operational by August 4th, 2014. Monday's public hearing will be during the regularly scheduled City Council Meeting at 7:00 p.m. in City Hall and is open to the public.