Columbia Dry Cleaners Sweat Out Heat Without AC

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COLUMBIA - With summer temperatures rising, Concord Cleaners is one of several Columbia dry cleaners operating without air-conditioning.

"It's hot," said Caitlin Reeder, counter clerk at Concord Cleaners on Nifong Boulevard.

"I usually try to keep it in the low-90s, as best I can," she said.

The dry cleaners leave their doors proped open and use fans to circulate the air during operating hours, but its stil ltoo hot.

"I guess we make it work because it's really well ventilated," Reeder said.

Workers said they try to stay close to the fans and keep hydrated.

"I just try to bear with it," Reeder continued.

All three Concord Cleaners locations in Columbia reported they don't have air conditioning. Reeder believes the reason many dry cleaners go without air conditioning is tied to the type of machinery involved in the cleaning process.

Reeder is unsure whether Concord will get air conditioning units installed in the near future. KOMU 8 News called other dry cleaners in Columbia and those cleaners don't use air conditioning either.