Columbia Homicide Victim Remembered

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COLUMBIA - Thursday afternoon James Thompson came forward and confirmed the homicide victim was his partner, Brian Daniels. Thompson and Daniels had been together for three years and lived in the house on Cimarron Drive in Columbia.

Thompson said he came home Wednesday night to find the back door of the home broken down. He went inside and discovered the house torn apart and Daniels dead upstairs.

The couple had a security system, however Thompson said it was not activated that night. He said Daniels rarely left the house and didn't know many people.

"He never bothered anyone," Thompson said.

Thompson was taken to the police department for questioning and said he believed he was treated unfairly.

"I just can't imagine this happening if I was his wife," Thompson said.

Thompson also said he was upset by the police department's disregard for the house and property. According to Thompson, police broke many of Daniels personal items.

Columbia Police refused to comment on Thompson's allegations, but are urging anyone with information about the crime to come forward by calling crimestoppers at 875-tips.