Columbia hosts discussion on peace in Syria and Iraq

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COLUMBIA - Mark Haim, director of Mid-Missouri Peaceworks doesn't believe in peace at all costs.

"It depends on the situation, and defense is sometimes necessary," Haim said. "But I don't think that's the case in Syria."

Haim lead a War and Peace talk about Iraq and Syria Monday night in order to get people to start thinking about different ways to end the conflict in the Middle East. 

"It's my opinion that we need diplomacy and discussion between the stake holders in the areas affected," Haim said. "Killing people is only going to cause more resentment to us, the foreigners."

The discussion had both people for and against U.S. military involvement in order to get people thinking about the pros and cons of the situation. The panel had five members, two of which backed U.S. military involvement and attacks. 

Peaceworks has been active since 1982, in which they dealt with the topic of a nuclear freeze. They also operate out of the downtown store, the Peace Nook.