Columbia Housing Authority Authorize Funding Application

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COLUMBIA - The Columbia Housing Authority's Board of Commissioners authorized the submission of a $350,000 HOME Rental Production Funding Application.

These funds would assist in the rehabilitation of 84 public housing units located on Lincoln and Unity Drives, Worely Street, and Hicks Drive. According to Columbia Housing Authority CEO, Phil Steinhaus these are some of the oldest units in the community. Some are over 50-years-old. Among other problems, Steinhaus said many have aging sewer systems and are in need of better insulation. 

"Affordable housing is very much needed in our county and as properties age maintenance costs and problems will so by coming in and redoing properties will preserve them another 50 years," Steinhaus said.

The money would come from the federal HOME Investment Partnerships Program, which provides formula grants to states and localities to support building, buying, and/or rehabilitating affordable housing for rent or homeownership. The housing authority wll submit the application to the city. If approved, the renovations will be made in the Summer of 2014.

The Columbia Housing Authority provides housing assistance to more than 1,900 families throughout Columbia and Boone County. Families are only required to pay 30 percent of their adjusted household income for rent.