Columbia Housing Authority ready for more renovations

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COLUMBIA – The Columbia Housing Authority announced today the plan to renovate 90 units in the coming years.

The renovations will take place at the Bryant Walkway Apartments and the Bryant Walkway Apartments II, north-west of downtown Columbia.

These units were completed in 1963, but are not the first to be renovated with other units already receiving renovation.

“Those units are absolutely beautiful. They are just gorgeous. New flooring new windows, new doors, new appliances, new cabinetry everything, and so when they see that they say we want that down here in our neighborhood,” CEO Columbia Housing Authority Phil Steinhaus said.

After 2017, 507 of the 719 apartments under the Housing Authority will be renovated, with most of them having major upgrades installed.

“We’ll put in all new plumbing. All new electrical. We will make them very energy efficient. Right now they’re not insulated at all. We’ll put in energy efficient appliances, put in new cabinets. Really they’ll be like brand new apartments once were done,” Steinhaus said.

The energy efficiency should also pass on saving to anyone living in the apartments of about $50-100 a month.

“We know that maintenance costs continue to rise as these units get older. The affordable housing equation is rent plus utilities, and since people living there are responsible for their own utilities they don’t like the high utility bills of these poorly insulated units,” Steinhaus said.

The project will cost a total of over 14 million dollars.

Steinhaus also said construction should start next October or November taking 18-20 months to complete.