Columbia Imagined

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COLUMBIA - In consecutive nights the Activity and Recreation Center hosted residents discussing community objectives and goals.

Participants in the Columbia Imagined meeting split into two focus groups to discuss the topics of the night. Those included: community safety, economic development and housing.

Consultants asked attendees to jot down goals and objectives specific to each category. Regarding community safety residents focused on crime, policing, growth and culture.

Multiple residents spoke out on improving relations between local police and the community.

"I'd like to see community police focused on building trust rather than punishment and enforcement," said John Clark. 

Others concernced with the crime rate would like to see Columbia as one of the safest cities to live in the country by being labeled in the safest 10 percent.

Ideas thrown around to work towards that goal were programs partnering the police and the community in events like pot luck dinners. 

Tuesday night's meeting was part of the fourth phase of Columbia Imagined. The fourth phase focuses on mapping to facilitate goals and objectives to create a documented plan to assist the Columbia city council when making community decisions.