Columbia Redistricts

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COLUMBIA - Columbia Public Schools released three options for new high school and intermediate school boundaries Thursday morning. The district is now taking feedback on the proposals through the month of November. The 22-member committee hopes to narrow the options down to two by the end of November.

The three options presented are based on basic geographic reasoning, transportation opportunities and amount of students receiving free or reduced price lunches. Officials said the more students receiving free or reduced price lunches, the less students would be enrolled in particular district. 

Forums will be held to discuss Plans A, B, and C in the coming weeks. One of the three plans will take effect in 2013 when Battle High School opens. CPS says the final decision on boundaries will be made by February 2012. 

If you want to give your input on the school boundaries, you can drop off comment cards at any of the schools or click here. The next meeting discussing the options will be held on November 1. KOMU will update this as the story develops.

Check out the options below:

Approach A Intermediate

Approach A High School

Approach B Intermediate Approach B High School Approach C Intermediate Approach C High School