Columbia Residents Say Morning Communte Will Be Doable

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COLUMBIA - Columbia residents shoveling their driveways said the snow won't stop them from driving their morning commutes, but that they would prefer to stay inside. 

44-year-old Columbia resident Lou Hart said the snow plows on his street did a good job, but he needed to shovel because the snow kept coming.

"I'm able to go places, I'm able to go to the grocery store or whatever, you know.  But I'm not going to go out unless I absolutely have to," Hart said. 

Another resident spent two hours of her day shoveling snow; she says if conditions stay the same, she won't make her way into work.

"I had to go out one time, go back in because I couldn't feel my fingers anymore - which is pretty cold, but I guess it could be worse," Kaitlin Kraft said. 

MoDOT issued a statewide no travel advisory for Tuesday afternoon, but crews will be working all night to ensure a safer morning commute.