Columbia Residents Speak on Infrastructure Issues

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COLUMBIA -Residents spoke to members of the Columbia City Council Wednesday regarding the infrastructure issues in the city. 

The meeting is one of two that will be held the week of May 5. The next meeting including public comment will be May 10. 

The meeting included a sewer overview by Public Works Director John Glascock and a electric overview by Water and Light Director Tad Johnsen and City Manager Mike Matthes. These overviews were meant to help inform the public.

"There has been a lot of confusion, and questions about infrastructure in the last six months or so, beyond that, and about downtown infrastructure, and how much we have and how much were out of, and exactly what is going on," Brent Gardner, Director of Downtown Leadership Committee said. 

Reasons why different products like the Opus project and resident living near Bengals have been stalled were addressed as well. 

Directors say issues with storm water, sewers, and electrical lines downtown are stalling some of these projects. 

The floor was open to the public after the two overviews. Each person was only allowed two minutes for public comment. 

The meeting lasted three hours and residents said they were frustrated with the two minute speaking limit. 

Many people felt as if their questions and concerns were not answered. 

Again, the next time for public coment is at City Hall Saturday, May 10 at 1 p.m.