Columbia Restaurants Help Keep the Public Informed

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COLUMBIA - Boston manhunt coverage is airing on every major TV station Friday, trying to keep American's informed of the latest details.

Local restaurants and bars are finding that the majority of their lunch crowds are interested in watching the news during big events, rather than the normal sports channels.

"When events like this happen obviously the interest is to find out what's happening next in that event. All of our guests want to know what's happening," said Bob McDonald of Stadium Grill.

Normally, sports conquer the televisions at bars and restaurants--especially in a sports-oriented town like Columbia.

"I still think there is an interest of people wanting to find out what's going on beyond sports, so you'll see us on various occasions we'll have a station on the news," said McDonald. "Whatever news station they trust we'll put on."

"We play mostly all sports games, but anytime anything like Boston happens we'll make sure to put it in so people are aware," said Mike O'Brien, at Campus Bar and Grill. "Just the fact that it's on they're paying more attention to it then they would've. If it wasn't on, someone would've asked."

"It's nice, to kind of come and talk with other people too about it, kind of keep up on what's happening up in Boston," said Jay Cross, a diner at Stadium Grill.