Columbians Come Out to Vote

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COLUMBIA - Today marked the General Municipal Election for the city of Columbia.

Today Columbia residents could vote on multiple items including city council seats, the school board, and a couple of propositions.

Two wards were up for election on the council: the first and fifth. Candidates for the first ward included Fred Schmidt, Pamela Forbes, Darrell Foster, and Mitch Richards. One of these candidates will replace current councilman Paul Sturtz.

Voters saw two names on the ballot for the fifth ward, Glen Ehrhardt and Helen Anthony. The winner of this election will take the place of Councilwoman Laura Nauser.

Columbians also voted on the school board. The candidates included Helen Wade, Jonathan Sessions, Dave Raithel, Liz Peterson, Tom Rose, and Sara Dickson.

The Columbia ballot had two propositions. The first proposition offers pay for the mayor and council. This pertains to stipends they will receive when their terms begin.

The second proposition is to improve, repair and expand the city waterworks and electric systems.