Commercial movie theater sees less business during True/False

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COLUMBIA - True/False brings tons of business to restaurants and shops in downtown Columbia, but commercial theaters are seeing the opposite trend.

The general manager for Hollywood Theaters said this is his first year managing the cinema during the True/False Film Festival. He said the theater was "dead" on Friday, and that "True/False is too big" to try to compete. 

Floid Turner and his wife say they're regulars at Hollywood, coming at least once a week to catch a flick.

"We don't live too far from here, and we come here all the time," Turner said. "We also visit Ragtag on occasion."

True/False volunteer Christopher Kievits, on the other hand, said he would absolutely pick a festival film over a major movie.

"There's all kinds of varieties of everything you could possibly imagine here," Kievits said. "I screen a lot of the movies myself, and after I make sure everything's going smoothly, all the movies are totally different from the other. They're nothing like the movies you see in the theaters."

True/False continues through the weekend.