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COLUMBIA - City officials are looking to rename or dissolve 18 boards and commissions now part of city government. The majority slated for removal involve volunteers. These groups will be eliminated once they fulfill their tasks. The following volunteer groups are up for possible elimination:

  • Public Communications Resource Advisory Committee
  • Mayor's Transit Task Force
  • Comprehensive Plan Task Force
  • Downtown Parking Task Force
  • GetAbout Columbia
  • Infrastructure Task Force
  • Mayor's Pension Task Force
  • Source Water Protection Plan Task Force
Some could be re-branded, like the Environment and Energy Commission, and others will be absorbed into other groups. Those planning to be absorbed will function as they did before, just under a different board or commission.

Two years ago, the City Council asked for a review of all 61 boards. They sent out a questionnaire to different boards, comissions, and task forces in Columbia and used the informatoin as a way to assess what each one was doing.

The city clerk found that some boards were just sitting there. For example, the Armory  and the Community Cooperation Boards haven't had members for over 10 years.  City Manager, Mike Matthes, suggested to the council that they delete the groups that are inactive.

Volunteers make up the majority of the 61 boards. Matthes said, "Before any changes are made, those boards can go before the council and give their input."

Referring to city staff, "We don't have power, the city council does," Matthes said.

These proposed deletions, and additions will happen, but not any time soon. And if they do happen, it won't be until the council votes on it.