Committee Tries to Reapportion Columbia

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COLUMBIA - The Columbia Reapportionment Committee meets at 7 p.m. Wednesday to get public opinion on the five trials being debated to become the city's next ward design.

The trials, A,B,D,E, and F all make ward one in the center of the city larger. Trial A expands ward one both east and west and takes parts out of wards two and three. Trial B does not expand ward one straight east or west, but it does expand the ward to the northeast. Trial B gives ward one a chunk out of ward three. Trial D expands ward one in three separate directions- east, west, and south. The ward would gain more than 5,000 people in Trial D.

Trials E and F have been brought up lately by some of the committee members. These trials have come about because members have struggled to agree on A, B, or D. Trial E expands ward one the farthest west out of all the trials. It does not expand ward one in any other direction. Trial F changes many of the traditional ward boundaries. The first ward still expands west, but it expands even farther south. Ward five, which is currently on the southwestern side of the city, stretches across the entire southern edge of the city in this proposal. Ward six, currently on the southeastern side, gets squeezed between ward one and ward five in Trial F as well.

The reapportionment committee is supposed to submit a proposal to the Columbia City Council by September 15. At Large Appointee Wiley Miller says he wouldn't be surprised if the city council gives the committee an extension to decide on a trial.

To see Wednesday night's agenda, click here.