Cooper County Sales Tax Critical for Road Improvements

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COOPER COUNTY - Cooper County presiding commissioner Eddie Brickner said on Monday that if Proposition 1 does not pass on Tuesday, the county will have a hard time funding any road improvements. 

Proposition 1 is a half cent sales tax that Cooper County has had since the 1980s.  The tax is voted on every four years.  Brickner said 40 percent of county's budget for road improvement comes from the sales tax.  Brickner said the money has been used for hundreds of road projects.  Some of the recent projects include replacing low-water bridges off of highway 87 that were impassible during heavy rainfall. 

Boonville resident Beth Green said she plans to vote for the sales tax. 

"We need the tax money to fix some of the bridges and the potholes. The roads constantly need renewed and if we're not helping take care of that they are going to get worse than they already are," Green said. 

One man told KOMU he would not vote for Proposition 1 because he never votes for sales taxes. 

If the sales tax is renewed, it will last for a period of four years until December 31, 2016.