Council Members Tour Endangered Regency Mobile Home Park

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COLUMBIA - City council members Barbara Hoppe and Helen Anthony toured the Regency Mobile Home Park Thursday evening. This is ahead of the controversial vote set for Monday that would decide whether the property will be rezoned for student housing.

During the hour and a half long tour, Hoppe announced an amendment to the original proposal that would create better conditions for residents if the property gets rezoned. Residents would get 60 more days to move out, up from 120 to 180. Furthermore, those who own their mobile home would be eligible to recieve a $1,200 compensation for moving expenses.

Adam Rievley, the resident who organized the tour, said residents would keep fighting to stay. One option brought up by the council members and various residents if the property doesn't get rezoned is to form a co-op to buy the property from the owner.

At this point though, all eyes are on the Monday rezoning vote.