Crayton\'s Thanksgiving Collection Coming Up Short

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COLUMBIA - Former Columbia city council member Almeta Crayton said Thursday her annual collection of food and money for a community Thanksgiving dinner is running short this year. Crayton was collecting for the meal Thursday at Moser's Discount Foods on Business Loop 70 West.

During the event, Crayton asks Columbia and Boone County residents to donate food for baskets to be given to disadvantaged families who are able to cook for themselves at home. In addition, she and her associates ask donors for turkeys and other food to be served at an open thanksgiving dinner held at Stephens College on Thanksgiving Day.

Despite having more small contributors than last year, Crayton told KOMU 8 News that she is currently behind in donations due to the reduced effort or complete disappearance of big contributors who carried most of the weight in years past.

"It's really tight because those bigger groups... the people we used to get donations from are the recipients now, so what do you do?", Crayton said.

Crayton also said that though this event reaches seniors, homeless people and even students, its main purpose is to support what she calls the "working poor."

"A lot of people... they just think that because you're working...that you're doing okay. But a lot of the working poor usually don't qualify for a lot of things and so they don't always have all the means to participate," Crayton said.

Collection for the "Everyone Eats" meal lasts until Friday.

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