Death Penalty Under Scrutiny Again

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JEFFERSON CITY - The Missouri House Corrections Committee brought up another bill trying to eliminate the death penalty Wednesday.

The bill prohibits execution to any offense and halt all pending executions. The pending executions would be resentenced by the original court.

The bill would change death penalty sentencing to life imprisonment.  Thirty four states including Missouri have the death penalty currently.

Bill sponsor, Democratic Representative Penny Hubbard said the purpose of this bill is to remove the death penalty from society because it is morally wrong.

"We should utilize our corrections facilities.  I don't think we should be doing an eye for an eye.  It sends the wrong message," said Hubbard.

Opposition to the bill says the death penalty is sometimes a necessary punishment.

Republican Representative, Stanley Cox said the death penalty is an appropriate measure.

Another similar bill is floating around the Senate to require the state auditor to find the costs of administering the death penalty in the state of Missouri.