Dry weather creates dangerous setting for fireworks

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COLUMBIA - Dry weather conditions are creating dangerous conditions for setting off fireworks around the Fourth of July holiday.

"When those fireworks leave the ground, there's no telling where it's gonna land," said Gale Blomenkamp of the Boone Fire DIstrict. "It can land in dry grass, it could land on someone's roof, it can land in a gutter that's full of dry leaves and cause a fire. People need to understand they're responsible for damage that occurs to someone else's property in the event of a fire."

He said even with the rain Columbia has been getting, that doesn't mean the grasses are wet and green. After someone is done with the fireworks to put them in a bucket of water. Blomenkamp said the fireworks can still maintain a lot of heat and doing this will cool them down where they can be thrown away safely.

Blomenkamp said safety is also an issue and people should look at packaging directions before setting off fireworks.

He also advises having a sober adult monitor. He said, with children holding the fireworks, parents should guide them on proper lighting techniques to ensure no injuries happen.

He said anyone experiencing issues should call 9-1-1.