Facebook Helps Find Stolen Car

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ASHLAND - Social media came through for one person on Thursday when her car was stolen.  Christy Marsh expected to wake up and run some errands but saw her car wasn't in the garage.  After reporting it to the authorities, she got on Facebook and reported the theft. 

"It was one of the most stressful things I've been through," Marsh said. 

Just two hours later, another Ashland resident commented on the post saying she thought she saw Marsh's car in a ditch. 

"I couldn't believe someone found it that quickly," Marsh said.

The person who found the car, Alicia Lange, said she saw it on her usual route to work.  She said she made sure no one was hurt inside the car.  On Lange's lunch break, she saw Marsh's report of her stolen car and messaged her. 

Marsh and Lange did not know each other prior to Marsh's car being stolen.


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