FEMA Funding in Joplin

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JOPLIN- FEMA said today that it plans to continue funding in Joplin despit Hurricane Irene and the Texas fires.

FEMA spokesman John Mills said that "people are the priority" when FEMA's emergency fund dips below $1 billion. The agency is now providing Immediate Needs Funding to disaster victims all over the country, which means that rebuilding infrastructure in Joplin may be put on hold.

Currently, FEMA is funding 75% of disaster clean-up and emergency protection services in Joplin, but Missouri is looking to fund what FEMA does not.

The deadline for Joplin citizens to apply to recieve FEMA aid has already passed, but FEMA will continue working on the plans of long-term projects in the community even though it may not currently have money to support those plans.

For more information about FEMA and it's presence in Joplin, visit FEMA's website.