Film Camp Wrapping Up

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MEXICO - The Presser Performing Arts Center in Mexico is hosting a Film camp for high school-aged students. The film camp gives the students an opportunity to work on every aspect of making a film.

The students wrote and are now directing, filming, and editing a short film titled "Adam's List." With the help of Mexico High School teacher Roger Brallier and film industry professional Sam Dalton, the students are learning all the ins and outs of what goes in to making a film. They have had the opportunity to learn about lighting, using cameras, using sound equipment and editing software in addition to each receiving an opportunity to direct a scene.

Mexico High School Student Brent Arnold says he liked getting a chance to try all the different aspects of filmmaking, but he definitely has his favorite.

"I liked being director the most because I just thought it was really cool to be able to be in charge and say, "yeah, that's my shot," Arnold said, "Now I know I can step up and be a leader of anything," he continued.

The camp also teaches the students about the organizational side of filmmaking. Students scouted locations to shoot different scenes, participated in the casting process, and came up with the shooting schedule.

Dalton says the students have come a long way since the start of the camp last week.

"Many of them had not touched anything to do with the industry before they started the camp," Dalton said. "Now they know everything from conceiving a realisitc idea, to how to operate a camera that many professionals use every day."

"Adam's List" will be about fifteen minutes long when it is finished. The Presser Performing Arts Center will be premiering the film on Saturday night at the center at 7:00. After the premier, the film will be entered into several local festivals.