Financial Management Course for Students

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COLUMBIA - The MU Office for Financial Success and Tigers Credit Union co-sponsored the Financial Preparedness Fair at the Columbia Public Library Saturday morning.

MU faculty members offered three presentations featuring handy tips on how to budget, increase credit scores and protect against identity theft. Personal financial planning students from the university are trained to offer one-on-one counseling.

Student Supervisor and Financial Counselor Britni Rozier said she is happy to help Columbia residents with the knowledge she has learned from classes.

Program director Ryan Law said the students used to counsel within the university. Now they've planned to expand their service to the community every year.

Diedre Butler is a clerk at a university market. She came to the seminar because she wanted to learn how to budget more wisely.

Butler said she has had two medical emergency issues in the past two years. The first one depicted her savings.

Butler is not the only one who found herself in debt. According to a survey, the average U.S. household owed $5,000 on bank-issued credit cards in 2010.

Law said learning to budget in a scientific method would help people reduce debts.

The fair also provided child care featuring money management when the parents attended the fair.