Fireworks Vendors Compete On Prices

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BOONE COUNTY - The fireworks business in the Columbia area is very competitive. Many vendors believe they have the best tent around.

The owner of Spirit of 76 Fireworks, John Bechtold, said, "Fireworks is really competitive. You want to have the best stuff, the best fireworks, the best prices."

The founder of Bob's Fireworks, Bob Gerau said he's got the lowest prices in the area across the board. "We're the largest. We've got the best locations, the best product, and the lowest prices." However, other vendors disagree. The Owner of Skywriter Fireworks, Ryan Adams said it's hard to prove that any one vendor has the lowest prices. "There's many different brands a firework stand can carry. So you can't really compare product to product. It's not like you're going to Walmart or Lowes looking for the same product, you know for the same price."

Many people said they buy fireworks at Bob's Fireworks because he's been in the business longer than anyone else in the area (46 years), and they are more comfortable dealing with him. However, many people also said they buy their fireworks based on the convenience of the location.