Football fans should prepare for traffic and dehydration

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COLUMBIA - To attend MU's first game football fans should prepare for two things: traffic and dehydration.

Major Brian Weimer with University of Missouri's Police Department said he anticipates a great deal of traffic tomorrow. He encourages fans to come earlier and be informed of road closures and barricades ahead of time.

"There are so many entrances and exits into the lot so it may take a little time. If they go to you can see the lots, the traffic directions, and help you with parking," he said.

Although there have been no changes to the traffic pattern, he said there are more efficient ways to leave Faurot Field.

"We are encouraging people after the game, especially if they're parked on the west side of the stadium, that even if they're wanting to get on I-70 to go east towards St. Louis, to go ahead and take Stadium around to the west so it comes out by the mall. And then get on I-70 there," he said.

He mentioned Providence has heavy pedestrian traffic, and that can hold up the cars.

"The biggest thing is for everyone is time and patience," he said.

Weimer also wants to remind all attendees to stay hydrated.

"We see a lot of people get dehydrated and pass out at these games. It's critical to keep yourself hydrated and enjoy the game." he said.

New MU student Zhoo Jianyu from China said he's excited to watch his first football game.

"I'm very excited to watch this game because I have heard our school's football team is very, very famous in America," he said.

Jianyu also has a game plan to watch the game.

"I'll just wear a shirt and bring some cold drinks," he said.

Wenyi Lu has stayed in Columbia for three years, but this will be her first time attending a football game. She is most nervous about the car traffic tomorrow as she remembers last year's.

"The main road, Providence road, was very crowded and so many cars were just stuck there. If you have something to do at the university, you should just take the longer way," she said.

Fan Rosemary Belson will attend for her third football season. She recalled last year's crowded walk home and she is nervous about driving to the game for the first time.

"If they can improve on getting people out of there faster I'm sure that will liven people's moods because nothing is worse than sitting in traffic," she said.

She suggests coming early, not wearing jeans, and keep drinking water.

A chef from Levy Restaurant, who will direct the food and beverages for tomorrow's game, declined to go on camera but shared things to expect. He said there will be new food items, six new local food trucks, and a new payment system to accommodate the amount of people tomorrow.

For more information on game day road closures, click here.