Former University Village Resident Speaks Out

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COLUMBIA - A previous resident of the University Village Apartments reached out to KOMU 8 News on Sunday with concerns.

Camille Dickson-Deane attended The University of Missouri for graduate school as an international student. When Deane lived in Columbia she lived in the same unit that collapsed early Saturday morning.

She lived in unit 707 from 2007 until last summer and says she had issues with mold and plumbing for years.

Deane says she doesn't think maintenance has the ability to fix all the issues because the structure is so old. She also believes international students won't always speak up if there's a problem.

"International people culturally will not speak up because they don't know," said previous resident Camille Dickson-Deane. "They are from a different country. They don't know what may happen to them if they were to say, 'hey, certain things are not the way I expected them to be before I came here.'"

Though Deane no longer lives in the apartments, she still thinks something must be done.

"What I would like to see is more care taken to families," said Deane. "When you move there as a couple or family you don't want to live with undergrads or complexes with a lot of parties. You want to have a different environment and Mizzou is a little bit behind I think in getting those kind of environments needs."

Deane said she feels a little shorted. "They have a lot of beautiful facilities for the undergrads but for the graduates perspective, we do feel kind of left out. It would be ideal if the same care they paid to their undergrads, they paid to the graduates of any of the families who may have students attending there."